Workflow update brings text translation, Skype calls and bug fixes


Workflow iOS

Workflow is one of the best automation tools in iOS as it really lives up to its name. And while the tool is pretty great already, the developers are working hard on adding more features and fixing anything that is broken. In preparation for a large update that is going to arrive soon, the v1.1.2 update adds a few small features while fixing a lot of the existing ones.

Workflow Skype

The new features come in the form of five new actions that bring completely different utilities on the table. These include translating text to other languages, getting and updating Tally, adding tasks to the hit list and calling people via Skype. Moreover, there is now a plus and minus button in numerical keypads for those pesky negative numbers and a grid mode that combines images and improves memory handling.

Workflow Combine Images

Apart from these new features you will notice a lot of fixes in the changelog so I highly suggest you read through it before downloading the update. Chances are that if you were suffering from a Workflow issue it will be fixed in this update or an upcoming one. I

As always, Workflow can be acquired for $4.99 on iTunes and you should make sure to get this update as soon as possible.