Weeks Wallpapers: Dark and Indigo, Abstract and Fractals


    This week, let us check out some of the dark wallpapers for your devices, especially since dark and black wallpapers tend to consume less battery juices. Besides, bright icons look better on dark backgrounds, while fractals are trendy this week. So, without much ado, here are today’s suggestions. Most of them are from DeviantArt and you are welcome to browse this immense source of artwork.

    Download wallpaper Coral Reef at Night

    Download wallpaper

    Download wallpaper


    Download Prowler 3 by messiah

    Prowler 3 by messiah1

    Download Celestial Background 50 by frostbo

    Celestial Background 50 by frostbo

    Download Inhospitable by Ex Artist

    Inhospitable by Ex Artist

    Download Texture 582 by Sirius

    Texture 582 by Sirius

    Download Abstract Wallpaper by Nick

    Abstract Wallpaper by Nick

    Download for the love of fractals by darkdissolution


    Download Abstract Fractal by nmsmith

    Abstract Fractal by nmsmith

    Download Leopard Fractal

    Leopard Fractal

    Download Green and Red wallpaper by LadyFromEast


    Download my_thoughts_are_stars_i_can__t____by_matthiesen


    Download indigo shell and orbs by nuclear pilot


    Download Apophysis by letTheColorsRumble

    Apophysis by letTheColorsRumble

    Download Crystal Ball

    Crystal Ball

    Download Indigo Dreams by 1Arcticfox

    Indigo Dreams by 1Arcticfox

    Download January Wallpaper by Endosage

    January Wallpaper by Endosage

    Download Indigo Flower by Mythara

    Indigo Flower by Mythara

    Download Indigo Glowballs by Furumaru

    Indigo Glowballs by Furumaru

    Download Indigo by Kybel

    Indigo by Kybel

    Download Indigo Soul

    Indigo Soul WP by Lilyas