How To: Use Cydia in a jailbroken iPhone


Cydia Home

As the best alternative to Apple’s official App Store, Cydia is undoubtedly the one place where every single person who jailbreaks their iPhone will visit at some point or the other. This parallel app store will give you access to hundreds of useful tweaks. Jailbreaking should be an exciting experience so allow me to introduce you to the basic areas of Cydia so that you can know what to expect before installing your first custom tweaks.


This is the most important section to visit when you are new to jailbreaking as it hosts some fantastic featured tweaks (inside the menu of the same name) and a place to manage your account. Cydia uses Facebook or Google accounts instead of its own so you better log in with one of those as quickly as possible so that you can connect an account to your purchases and installed apps. You can also find news related to Cydia in this section so if you want to keep up with what Jay Freeman (aka saurik) is doing then this is the place to be.


Cydia Sources

This is merely Cydia’s name for repositories and it is a place you will undoubtedly visit once you delve into the deeper ends of your jailbroken device. When you first open this menu you will notice the included repos that I mentioned above along with an Edit button at the top that will allow you to enter new repos as you come across them. Once you add a repository you will be able to search for its tweaks in the Search menu which we will talk about in more detail later. Always remember what I told you before about adding secure and trustworthy repos only and immediately remove anything that you may find suspicious.


Cydia Installed

The name gives everything away here so there is not much to talk about except for the various tabs. The default tab is “User” and it will show you every single tweak that you have installed in your device. The Expert tab will list all that plus the packages that the tweaks have installed. The only time where you should touch anything in the Installed section is when you want to remove a tweak or when something is misbehaving. To uninstall tweaks, tap on the unwanted one and select the Modify > Remove options.


Cydia Changes

Though most tweaks have pages of their owns, the Changes menu is also a helpful place when you are looking for general changes that have been made to apps throughout Cydia. It is not really a recommended place for beginners but if you are a returning user who wants to find out what their favorite apps have been up to, this is where you want to be.


There is no denying that Cydia is not as good as the official App Store when it comes to helping users find the apps they want and this is exactly where the search function comes to the rescue. Anyone that follows jailbreaking news will soon discover a boatload of new tweaks that they want to install and this is exactly where you will find them, provided that you have the required repository, of course. The Search tool will find both paid and free apps for you but you will need to log in and enter a new payment method (PayPal or Amazon) if you wish to purchase a tweak.