Updated Google Now Launcher brings Lollipop to older devices

Google Now Launcher

Up until now, the design of Google Now Launcher depended on the version of Android that was running in a user’s operating system. If you were running Lollipop, Material Design guidelines were present everywhere. If you were running earlier versions of Android, the design would fit those specific versions.

All that has changed with the latest update and anyone running Android 4.1 – 4.4 will get the same Material Design theme that Lollipop users have been enjoying. Truth be told, the changes are still not as prominent as the Lollipop design but it does look much nicer. The changes are quite subtle though, rounding a few things here and there but combined with the recently redesigned Google search app, it resembles Lollipop close enough. The animations also look much closer to Lollipop than ever before, perhaps because KitKat animations now look lifeless when compared to 5.0.

If you are looking for some Lollipop love but your OEM has left you out in the cold, the updated Google Now Launcher might ease your pain for a while. If not, there are plenty of other Lollipop-flavored launchers in the market today. Take a look at our guide here for more.