Track Santa This Christmas With These Fun Apps



Tech industry imposes high pressure on inventors and developers urging them to compete with each other in all spheres. Now, tech giants like Google and Microsoft seem to compete even in who gets to track Santa this Christmas.

If you want to add some viral media to keep your children’s faith in Santa Claus, these two apps will help you. Note: Christmas holidays seem to provoke a large number of scams. McAfee company shared a list of known Christmas scams on the apps market, and we will cover the subject, too, so the best thing is to play safely and resort to the trusted developers when you choose to install a Christmas-related app on your Android device.

Google has obviously put a lot of heart into its Santa Tracker: on December 25th, when Santa starts his globe parade with a sleigh full of toys, your kids will be able to track his movement with the help of this colorful and smart program. It uses Google Maps to track Santa’s flight around the world and teaches young kids something interesting about each of his destinations. We are also awaiting the Android compatible version in mid December to be available on Google Play. The Android app focuses on Chromecast TV streaming support, and will also include a daily game, scene updates and a browser extension. In the meantime, you can enjoy the Google’s Santa Tracker website where kids can explore Santa’s village, advent calendar with a new video, game or animation every day.

Google Santa Tracker

NORAD, or North American Aerospace Defense Command, switched partners last year from Google to Microsoft, and now the NORAD Tracks Santa app gets a revamp and reaps the benefits of a new generous partner. Both the Android app and the website offer a countdown to Santa’s flight, a series of fun games and an educational element explaining what NORAD is and its mission. The app has been optimized for IE 11 and Android tablets, with the main focus on IE 11 on a Windows 8 touch device, but also works with any other browser.

Santa Tracker

NORAD has been tracking Santa on Christmas Eve for the past 50 years, and for the past couple of years it has taken its experience to a real-time 3D map for the kids and their parents to enjoy tracking his flight, anticipating the visit. This app, too, recreates Santa’s village and displays an Advent calendar, while it also offers new games released every day. The website offers a number of links to Earth, North Pole and games, movies, such as Norad Tracks Santa Trailer Video 2013, Command Video 2013, Alaska NORAD Region 2013, a good choice of Christmas themed music and a library with lots of fun facts about Santa, Christmas and the holidays.