Top 10 iOS Games of September


The month of September is coming to a close, and we head into the final month before Holiday season, it’s time to look back on the best iOS games of the month. We definitely had a couple of weaker weeks this month, but still managed to come out with some really awesome games worth highlighting. Before we get started, make sure you take a look at our favorite iOS games of August to catch up on anything you might have missed last month.

#10 – Phantom Riftphantom rift

  • Price: $2.99
  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: Foursaken Media
  • Release Date: 9/11

Unfortunately updates aren’t taken into account with reviews of new games, or their spot on the Top 10 for the month. If they were, Phantom Rift likely could climb a couple more spots, but making the list is still a good thing. I won’t lie, this was one of the games I was most excited about this month, if not the most excited about — and although it didn’t fully live up to my expectations, it’s still a really fun and unique game. For those who have ever played Megaman Battle Network, you’ll feel right at home with this one.

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#9 – Eternal Fateeternal fate 3

Eternal Fate is one of only two free games on this list, and it has quite a bit to offer for being free. It’s an Action RPG, so you can obviously expect a few IAPs, but nothing that is really necessary to enjoy the game. There is a very lengthy campaign, and even though a lot of levels are very similar, it still provides a ton of content to clear. I’d like to see some more unique content added to the game in the future, but for an initial release, I was pleasantly surprised.

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#8 – FOTONICAfotonica

  • Price: $2.99
  • Genre: Arcade/Runner
  • Developer: Santa Ragione
  • Release Date: 9/11

Here we have a game that was originally on PC, but ported over to mobile this month — and the mobile port is actually quite a bit better than the original. FOTONICA is a runner game with a very unique artwork style, and this style helps add to it’s intensity. Usually people don’t like to buy runner games, but this one is definitely worth the three bucks.

#7 – Noir RunNoir Run

  • Price: $1.99
  • Genre: Arcade/Platformer
  • Developer: Kronnect
  • Release Date: 9/3

It’s not a runner like FOTONICA, but it does have a unique artwork style. Noir Run takes place in a world where nothing really seems “right”, especially when you’re a bright yellow smiley face rolling through a black and white stage filled with strange monsters. This is a challenging platformer game with some interesting twists on checkpoints and story.

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#6 – Cosmophonycosmophony

  • Price: $2.99
  • Genre: Arcade/Shooter
  • Developer: Bento
  • Release Date: 9/24

I was just recently acquainted with Cosmophony, and I have to say we’re getting along great. There’s nothing too extraordinary about it in any single area, but the visuals and audio definitely worth being noted. Cosmophony has it’s own unique drum and bass soundtrack that coincides with what is happening in the game, which is awesome, and makes the game all the more enjoyable. Overall its a really fun arcade game that plays very well.

#5 – Tactics Maidentactics maiden

  • Price: Free/$4.99
  • Genre: RPG
  • Developer: Mangomobile
  • Release Date: 9/11

Although I had some issues getting this game to work at first, it was definitely worth it. Tactics Maiden brings back classic Tactical RPG gameplay and executes it perfectly on mobile devices. If you love the mix of combat strategy and traditional RPG elements, this one is for you. Tons of playable content, hours of entertainment, and even a free trial to check it out before buying the full version.

#4 – Goblin Swordgoblin king

  • Price: $0.99
  • Genre: Platformer/RPG
  • Developer: Eleftherios Christodoulatos
  • Release Date: 9/11

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Awesome retro graphics, tons of replay value, and smooth touch controls are all things offered by Goblin Sword. The game involves a ton of looking for hidden passages to uncover gems and treasure, but there’s also a lengthy campaign to play through as well. Use coins to unlock new weapons and armor for your character, and try to find every single treasure chest and crystal in the game for maximum completion.

#3 – Interstellarinterstellar

  • Price: Free
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Developer: Paramount
  • Release Date: 9/24

Create your very own solar system packed with planets, asteroids, moons, and more with Interstellar. Typically, games that are based off of movies don’t do so well, but this is another story. Interstellar has astonishing visuals and deep simulation gameplay that will have plenty of appeal to anyone interested in space. This game is free (like Eternal Fate), so it should be an easy decision for you to pick it up.

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#2- Mikey Bootsmikey boots

  • Price: $1.99
  • Genre: Arcade/Runner
  • Developer: Beaver Tap Games
  • Release Date: 9/3

One of the first games I reviewed this month was Mikey Boots, and it lands in at #2 on my list this month. This game has some of the most well executed controls I’ve seen on iOS, which was especially important considering how the game is played. Precision is vital to success, and there’s a ton of levels with varying difficulties to clear. You can also spend coins on a variety of different costumes and accessories for your character. Would have been my game of the month, if not for…

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#1 – Anomaly Defendersanamoly defenders

  • Price: $4.99
  • Genre: Tower Defense
  • Developer: Chillingo
  • Release Date: 9/24

Kind of like Mikey Boots was one of the first games I reviewed this month, Anomaly Defenders was one of the last. Although I scored both of these games rather close, this was a pretty easy decision for me. Anomaly Defenders is one of the best Tower Defense games I have played in a long time, if not the best — and the only thing it’s really missing in my opinion is an alternate game mode. Anyone who enjoys the TD genre absolutely has to get this one.

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Thanks for reading this list of the Top 10 iOS Games of September 2014! Be sure to keep an eye out for new game releases in October, and we’ll be back with another list at the end of the month. In the mean-time, leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite game was this month!