[Tip] You can now enable Night Mode in Twitter for iOS



Considering people get so excited when an app or OS implements Night Mode you’d think they should all have it by now. Twitter was certainly not in a rush, but starting today you can enable Night Mode in Twitter for iOS.

Android users have already been enjoying the feature since July and the latest Twitter app update brings Night Mode to iOS. Just as expected, the dark-themed UI makes it much easier to check your Twitter feed at night and in dark  or poor-lit environments.

Twitter has been beta testing Night Mode for iOS and finally the feature is reaching the public via the latest update.

How to enable Night Mode in Twitter for iOS

To enable the new feature, open the Twitter app and tap on the gear icon. This will open the app’s Settings, where all you have left to do is tap on the “Turn on night mode” option.

Enable Night Mode in Twitter for iOS

Night mode changes the Twitter UI to a dark background and white lettering that goes easy on the eyes at night. Nevertheless, it looks like the company is working on more useful features, the quality filter being one of the most important ones at the moment.

Its purpose is to filter duplicate tweets and automated content from your feed, and as a result, improve its quality and your Twitter experience.

The Twitter update is still rolling out, so if your app is up to date and Night Mode is unavailable, keep checking it as it should be reaching your device very soon.

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