Developer: Glu
Genre: Action

Developer Glu just released its newest movie tie-in Terminator Genisys: Revolution for Android while the iTunes port has been available for a few days now. The game is also available on the Amazon app store, so if you need something to keep you in the mood for the upcoming Terminator movie, get the game.

It’s free and if you are familiar with Glue you should know how this works. The developer has a ready engine they use for every other FPS game they release, including the Contract Killer: Sniper and Robocop. So, don’t expect anything new from this release because it’s just a new skin on the same mechanics. On the one hand, the developer could have spent some more time with the game and released something that would do the movie justice. On the other hand, the freemium game looks good enough to entertain the fans of the franchise.


Get ready for the abundance of the in-game currencies (several types of plasma type and plasma plus weapons, special bounty grinding missions and what not) and upgradable weapons, stamina (restores in 20 minutes), rank, gold, cash and XP, as well as med kits, grenades and rocket launchers, which means at some point you will face the paywall or the grind-fest when the missions would require beefed up ammo and weapons.


The missions are quite short, but entertaining. What is not evident from the trailer is you don’t go about exploring the locations. Instead, you pop up behind a cover and take down the enemies one by one from there. It’s all pretty familiar action, but if you are hungry for Terminator-themed stuff you should be fine with this one until July 1st, when the movie launches. Let us hope it stands up to the first and second parts, not the later releases. I’d hate to see good-ol’ Arnie in another bad movie.


One other little nag about Terminator Genisys: Revolution (aside from the long title) is you will need to download each mission on a standalone basis. It is not a problem per se when you are connected, but it makes it unplayable when you are on the go. Also, the loading times and the performance leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Overall, it’s a mediocre game slated for the sake of IAPs. If you must have everything Terminator, try it. If you are after something interesting, new or unique – look elsewhere.