‘Her Story’ is an immersive police procedural game that lets you solve a mystery by watching clips

Her Story

Her Story IconHer Story [iOS]

Developer: Sam Burlow
Price: $4.99
Genre: Interactive Story

You know all those times when you watch a thriller or police drama and you really want to scream the obvious answer to the protagonists of the story? While our TVs are not that interactive just yet, you might want to take a look at Her Story, a game that lets you play as a detective who has access to a large database of archive footage which can be used to solve a 20 years old mystery. If you want to take part in the honestly refreshing take on interactive video experiences, Her Story can be yours today for $4.99.

The story takes place in 1994 when a British woman was being interviewed about her missing husband. There are seven complete interviews which span across hundreds of different clips that the players have to go through in order to uncover the truth behind the mystery. Clips can be found by typing in key words and phrases like “missing” and each of the videos includes a date and time so that you can weave a timeline of the events and solve the case at hand.

Her Story Clip 1

The UI is simply fantastic as it looks exactly like a PC from 1994. Even the light reflections at the screen are spot-on and help you immerse into an older time. After all, Her Story is all about making you feel like you are doing actual police work and to really put you into the role of the detective. This is made even better by the fact that you can add your own tags to clips so that you can revisit them later. And you will really want to get back to videos you watched before as there is no other way to truly uncover the little tidbits you might have missed.

Her Story Database

At its core, Her Story feels like an interactive crime documentary, a movie with gamified elements. Actress Viva Seifert does a very nice job in what is probably one of the world’s very few fantastic blends of cinematic and video gaming experiences and thankfully, the title can really lure you in with its interweaved narrative and the fact that you can frantically search for all the right clips which will help you find the truth.