‘Stealth’ is a new iOS game inspired by MGS series



A game that was able to sneak past the radar (pun very intended) last week, was Stealth, which is a more medieval take on the popular Metal Gear Solid series — specifically the original MGS for Playstation. This game has done exceptionally well since it’s release not more than two weeks ago, and the developer is already planning some exciting updates based on player feedback. Amazingly, Stealth was created by a single person, yet offers a surprising amount of depth and finely tuned gameplay.

There are two different ways in which the game is played, as it switches between more of an overhead view where you can see large areas of a map, and a more close-up modernized style. Apparently, the first big update for the game will include first person gameplay, including using ranged weapons from a first person view. Players who are familiar with classic stealth games will definitely get a bit of nostalgia as this game is definitely reminiscent of an older era of games.


Stealth’s mechanics involve a lot of waiting and hiding obviously, but there is plenty of combat and excitement involved as well. Players will have a decent arsenal of weapons at their disposal as they progress through the game, and there are also plenty of puzzles and small mini-games to complete that add to the overall experience. Those who try to rush through the game will find it extremely difficult to predict enemy movement patterns, and likely waste a lot of time compared to simply waiting and evaluating each situation.

Each area provides an entirely different challenge, which makes Stealth a game that requires a lot of quick thinking and smart decisions. Still, the highlight remains it’s slick gameplay and controls, and refreshing modern take on some older gameplay concepts.

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Currently, the game is on sale for just $1.99, down from it’s original price of $3.99. There’s no word on how long this sale will go, so be sure to pick it up soon if you want to check this one out on a discounted rate.