Spotify, Runkeeper and almost 70 other apps get Google Now cards


Zipcar Google Now

Google has been quite successful in keeping us all in the dark in regards to third-party app integration with its Now cards but it looks like we finally have a new batch of apps that will be featured in the company’s information-centric service. Today, Google has announced a list of 70 new apps that will immediately join in the fun and there are some pretty huge offerings here.

The full updated list of Google Now integrations can be found here but let me give you some examples of the new cards. Spotify will give you recommendations for playlists based on your previous history, RunKeeper will remind you of your daily goals even without opening its app, Feedly, Circa and ABC News will provide you with breaking news and OpenTable will let you pay your dinner with a single tap.

Spotify Google Now

As you can see, Google Now is moving beyond simple notifications and that is fantastic news in my opinion. While I certainly like to see Google Now cards of news pieces I might have missed, it is also very neat to see the service interacting with the apps I use the most, offering me new suggestions that I might not have thought on my own. I do understand that some people will be far more annoyed at this than I am, of course.

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