South Park hilariously explains ‘Freemium’ games



Whether you love it or hate it, South Park is still one of the most popular TV shows of all-time, and has become increasingly more vocal about current events in it’s more recent seasons. I’ve watched the show for many, many years, and still follow it regularly. When I heard about the new episode’s title “Freemium isn’t Free”, I already knew I was going to love it.

If you’ve ever played a “free” mobile game, chances are you know all about IAPs and how they are often shoved in your face every few seconds. Most people have no problem avoiding these, some might make a purchase or two, but we all have that friend who spends a large percentage of their paycheck on these games. South Park tries their best to reveal the diabolical business model, and they do a very good job at that.

SP Freemium

The episode revolves around the new hit mobile game ‘Terrance and Phillip: Gives us your Money’, and the trouble it causes for Stan. All of the other kids realize the game is a waste of time and money, but Stan’s “addictive personality” takes a toll on him. If you want to check out the full episode, you can watch it for free on South Park’s official website, South Park Studios.

One thing I happened to notice, is that the game itself might be taking a stab at Family Guy’s mobile game ‘The Quest for Stuff’. Whether or not this was done on purpose is unknown to me, but the resemblance is pretty uncanny. I haven’t played The Quest for Stuff personally, and it might not have punishing IAPs, but it’s pretty hilarious if they took a stab at the commonly compared adult cartoon.¬†¬†Take a look at the two games side by side:


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