Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Released For iOS & Android Devices



Sega brings its blue hedgehog mascot, Sonic and all of his friends to a Mario-Kart like racing arena to iOS & Android

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is actually a port from the console and PC versions with some added features. If you’ve played played the console version, you’ll know exactly what to expect, as they did a wonderful job fully porting this game to iOS and Android systems. The game does have some in-app purchasing options, but you can also race your way to victory and unlock modes and characters the old fashion way. You’ll race with different Sega characters, which one special new racer is from the cult classic Dreamcast game Shunmue, Ryo Hazuki. The game provides enjoyable racing content that fans of any age can enjoy.


Purchasing the game on either the iOS App Store or Google’s Play market will include 75 events, 13 courses, and a World Tour mode. There are over 30 playable characters each with their own unique ride. This list expands much further than just Sonic, his friends, and Ryu. You’ll also see characters from Nights Into Dreams, Golden Axe, Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, and other popular Sega titles. Needless to say, you’ll be getting plenty of content with this purchase, the in-app purchases are more so to unlock certain modes or characters faster.

If you’ve ever played any of the Sonic Racing titles or Mario Kart games, you should know what to expect from this title. Each racer will zip through courses that are loaded with obstacles and winding roads. Although the the dangerous course and your top speed aren’t the only things to worry about, racers will pick up boxes that provide a random item that they can use at their disposal to attack other racers with. These objects can be anything from traps, projectiles, weather elements, or even just a boost to your own speed. Because of the constant interaction between racers, the game is really at its best when played with other people. Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed has a fully functional multiplayer mode where you can connect with others either through a local Wi-Fi network or using the online servers. The online competition really adds to the replay value as you can either race with friends or fight your way to the top of the leader boards.

Sega didn’t just plop the game into mobile devices right from consoles or PC either, they actually redesigned the controls and UI to work best with a mobile device. You can switch between either tilt controls, touch controls with a joystick, or controller support for newer devices. The game uses auto acceleration and a Drift button to control braking for corners. This was a bit unsettling for me first, as any time a game takes control away from me I get a little unnerved, but after a few races I was actually glad to not have to hold down a acceleration button down. You also use a swipe action to launch hazards into the road either in front of you or behind you, as well as to perform tricks while in mid-air.

The visuals in the game also don’t look like they had taken much of a hit, if at all. Character animations are smooth and fun to watch, as each character has their own way of rubbing in victory or soaking in defeat. I’d have to say the main differences between the console and PC version and the mobile version are the bonus characters, controls, and the in-app purchases. The game has received a fair amount of positive reviews, and throughout searching the reviews I found very little that people had to complain about, other than the usual “Game crashes”, which it’s always impossible to say what the situation is with such little information given. Our own experience with the game has been nothing short of delightful, if you’re a fan of Sonic or even just Sega games in general, this should be a good one to add to your collection.

I’ve also taken the liberty to provide you with a full character list for this great reboot of Sonic All-Star Racing.



Origin Game

Sonic the HedgehogSonic the Hedgehog
Miles “Tails” ProwerSonic the Hedgehog 2
Amy RoseSonic the Hedgehog CD
Knuckles the EchidnaSonic the Hedgehog 3
Doctor EggmanSonic the Hedgehog
Shadow the HedgehogSonic Adventure 2
AiAiSuper Monkey Ball
MeeMeeSuper Monkey Ball
AmigoSamba de Amigo
BeatJet Set Radio
GumJet Set Radio
B.D. JoeCrazy Taxi
Gilius ThunderheadGolden Axe
VyseSkies of Arcadia
Joe MusashiShinobi
UlalaSpace Channel 5
PuddingSpace Channel 5
NightsNights into Dreams…
RealaNights into Dreams…
AGESSonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Danica PatrickNASCAR
Wreck-It RalphWreck-It Ralph
Metal SonicSonic the Hedgehog CD
Alex KiddAlex Kidd in Miracle World
AvatarNew Xbox Experience
Football ManagerFootball Manager
ShogunShogun: Total War
Team FortressTeam Fortress 2
General WinterCompany of Heroes 2
WillemusTotal War: Rome II
YogscastThe Yogscast
Ryo HazukiShenmue


You can purchase Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for $4.99 on either the iOS App Store or Google’s Play Market. Requires Androind 4.0 and later or iOS 7.0 and later. It’s compatible tablets, iPod touch, and phones, as well as optimized for newer devices like the iPhone 5S.

Download: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for iOS on the App Store
Download: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Android on the Play Market

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