Siri in iOS 8.3 will let you call people on speaker

Siri Speakerphone Call

Apple has just introduced a new change in the iOS 8.3 beta that will allow Siri to put your calls on speakerphone automatically, as long as you ask nicely of course. Before, users had to start a call using Siri and then manually enable speakerphone. Asking the virtual assistant for to call someone on speaker before would simply result in a standard call.

I am pretty sure that this feature was added in preparation for additional CarPlay features. Apple has not really been adamant with the car-related updates and changes and this is a very simple but effective tool that pretty much every one needs. I am guessing that Apple might even release some additional small utilities like this before introducing a wider and more feature-rich array of tools for its car system.

No one knows when iOS 8.3 will officially go out of beta but this release has seen a lot of new adventures for Apple. Most importantly, it is the first ever iOS Public Beta for the company. Apple still has a long way to go before learning how to interact with its consumers in more meaningful ways but it is definitely on the right track. Also do keep in mind that if you are already in the iOS 8.3 beta you can test any new feature immediately, including this one.