How To: Set an iOS 7 Home Screen on an Android Smartphone



Android smartphones tend to be significantly cheaper than Cupertino hardware, so many of consumers just cannot afford to buy a new iPhone. Maybe you had an iPhone once, but now you bought a trendy Android and have a buyer’s remorse. Whatever the reason you feel unhappy with your Android, or iPhone nostalgic, there is a temporary remedy for you.

This Android home replacement app will give your smartphone a genuine iOS 7 touch. Not only it gives your Android home screen a convincing iOS 7 look, but it gives you a variety of themes to choose from besides the craved iOS.

Themer is the name, and it comes free of charge on Google Play, requiring Android 4.1 and up. If you install Themer, you Android home screen will look exactly like that of an iPhone. Mind you that the rest still remains Android.
Themer Seven
How to set iOS 7 home screen on Android with Themer

Firs things first, and you need to install Themer Beta by MYCOLORSCREEN from Google Play store. As you open the application for the first time, it will request permission to create home screen widgets -> Approve and tap Create.

The next step is loading the iOS 7 theme, which goes by the name Seven in Themer. Browse to Themes section -> the Most Popular category -> Seven.

In case you don’t see it there, just tap on the magnifying glass at the top right corner of the window.

Select Seven theme -> take a look at the preview window, and if you like it -> tap Apply.

Next, Themer will request you sign in to the service using your Google or Facebook account.

After that, Themer will install the new iOS 7 theme on your Android and will pop you up to the new revamped home screen.

Because now you have two home screen applications running, Android will ask which one you want to load the next time you go to the home screen. If you like the new iOS 7 theme, you can make it your device’s default home screen by selecting Themer in the pop-up window and tapping Always.

The New Looks

Now, your main screen looks exactly like that of a brand new iPhone running on iOS 7: Apple styled icons for Photos, Calendar, Store, Facebook and the rest blend into the perfectly iOS-like crafted environment. You will see Themer’s drawer icon in the bottom icon tray beside Browser, Mail, Phone and Messages. You will see the Weather screen if you swipe to the left, and your Contacts if you swipe to the right.

Viola! You have successfully dumped that mundane Android home screen, and can now enjoy the brand new iOS 7 home screen. Remember, it is just a home screen app and does not provide any other iOS qualities other than the good looks.

In addition, Themer has a fine selection of stylish themes for Android home screen, which will keep you entertained as you get bored with the Seven.