How To: Set a different wallpaper for each of your home screens (Android)


GO Multiple Wallpapers

When you are picky, a wallpaper can simultaneously be the easiest and most difficult part to customize on any device. Sure, it is very easy to change the wallpaper if you do not like it but what if you like multiple ones and want to have them on at the same time? The basic answer would be to simply swift through them at random intervals but that is not what Android is for. Instead, I will be showing how to put up all of your favorite wallpapers at the same time so you can enjoy them together.

What you need to know

Since Android does not natively support multiple wallpapers, eager developers have created several apps that take care of everything. These apps work across multiple launchers but they are not always hassle-free. The developers cannot test the multi-wallpaper apps with every single launcher out there so your experience might vary. Another thing you should know is that since interest in this kind of thing has gradually faded over the years, these apps have not been updated for a while so if they do not work in your device, you are out of luck. Finally, these apps work as live wallpapers so a few launchers will not support them at all.

Grab an app and get to work

GO Multiple Wallpapers Selection

Now that you have been warned about the pitfalls of the multi-wallpaper market you are also ready to install an app and get those pesky images in your device. I have three recommendations to make and I have to admit they are virtually identical. To begin with, they all work the same way. Long-press on your home screen and select the Live Wallpaper option to find them. Then, select a bunch of photos and you will have multiple backgrounds at once.


The apps come with some extra features such as transition effects and multiple ways to change the wallpapers including shaking your phone, double-tapping on the wallpaper or simply setting a timer for the changes. Each app is fully customizable so you can select exactly where your pictures will go, what happens during the transition from one home screen to the other and more. So without further ado, check out any of these apps: