Scanner Pro For iOS Is Temporarly Free On App Store



Readdle is the developer behind many professional apps on the iOS App Store, and they are offering one of their best apps for free for a limited time.

Scanner Pro is one of the most useful and well designed professional apps I’ve seen on the App Store. You’re able to snap a photo of any document or photo, and then using a smart grid-like interface, the application allows you to easily crop around the image to make it look like you had scanned the document with any professional scanner. With all the online documents today, it’s no wonder people love this app. The best part is that Readdle is offering this handy application for free for a limited time, so even if you don’t have a immediate use for it, you can download it now so that it’s stored under your purchases for the future.

It seems like good marketing on Readdle’s part, they have a great application that’s been around for awhile, so it’s probably falling off the featured list, what better way to get your app noticed again than offering a 100% discount on it. The App is normally $6.99 and will be listed for free for 7 days.


If you’re looking for a easy way to capture professional looking images with your iPad, look no further. Scanner Pro makes it easy obtaining images of documents while cropping out the background behind. It takes steps even further by allowing you to Save to PDF, Image Formats, Send to E-Mail, or even directly print. All of your documents are also stored on iCloud, so you don’t have to worry about keeping all your docs in order if you’re using it on multiple iOS devices. Scanner Pro takes a very smart approach to scanning your documents by detecting images with a automated grid system that can generally grab the desired image without having many manual adjustments, if any. If the automated detection process doesn’t grab the document just the way you want, you simply tap and grab on the grid and pull it to the edges of your document or photo.


Scanner Pro also allows you to use 3rd party services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and pretty much any other provided cloud storage.  Of course, with iCloud services turned on you also don’t have to worry about losing any important documents or transferring them back and forth between iOS devices. It’s really not to often that premium apps like Scanner Pro go free, so make sure you jump on the opportunity while you still can. Even if by chance you miss this great deal, the app is definitely worth the purchase regardless.

Download: Scanner Pro for IOS on the App Store

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