SBK 15 Brings Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Bonus Track



SBK15 Official Mobile Game

Developer: Digital Tales S.r.l.
Genre: Racing
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Price: Freemium, $2.99 for the full game

You might feel indifferent to SBK as sport in general, but if you play mobile games you must try one of SBK games, especially if you are in for the racing genre. Digital Tales released this year’s all new version of their SBK franchise predictably dubbed SDK15 Official Mobile Game.

As usual, the game is superb, and anyone can have a go with a free version while the full game can be unlocked via the in-app purchase for mere $3. Let us a go over its features and see how well it performs.

First of all, besides the full game, SBK15 offers four free modes – championship, time attack, quick race and challenge while the full version is jam-packed with content. What appealed to me in the first place is the abundance of control options available this time – gyroscope, touch, a blend of the two, a mix of the differently placed buttons and their sensitivity – there are overall nine control hubs you can switch to and from, selecting the one that suits your play style best.


The selection of the bikes is wonderful from Kawasaki to Ducati, from Suzuki to BMW and Honda, and many more. You get to choose your favorite racer from the world’s champions like Sylvian Guintoli and Tom Sykes.

MI 5

On the track, you do have a few challenges getting used to the controls. Namely, the turning needs some sensitivity tweaking, and being a long-time gyroscope hater, I always opt for the touch controls and find them working their magic better for SBK15, too. There is one more nag that plays against you – the auto breaks. They engage, obviously, automatically whenever you enter the turns, so the moment you think you gain a tactical advantage over your competition, boom! The auto brakes slow you down from 230 km per hour to meager 60 km per hour. Doh…

Since we’re talking about the nags, there is only one that I’ve noticed – sometimes the buttons in the Menu are not responsive. It took me jolly good thirty minutes to realize why the controls hub I have been choosing would not get activated. Force-closing and restarting the game several times solved the issue, but I take it from Google Play users reviews that the issue seems to be more or less common on various devices. Overall, however, it doesn’t seem to affect the gameplay, and I’ve faced it in the Menus only.

See his hair?

The design is realistic and pleasantly smooth, although they do seem to have it mostly cloudy in the world of SBK15. On a serious note, the game looks great and the Tissot ads are very well positioned. After all, Digital Tales partnered with Dorna WSBK Organization to provide the most realistic representation for a reason.

The iOS and Windows Phone users get an exclusive perk – a cross-save and cross-play, so that they can play on several devices from their saved game slot. You can also choose the difficulty mode for each race, while the tracks are tricky and you will replay a few times some of them to get used to the twist and wiggles.

The images that spin while the stages are loading show off some of the prettiest SBK models, so grab that sour champagne (or sweet cider) and you can pretend you’re the champion.

MI 5 111

The ultimate perk that appeals to the Mission Impossible fans is the “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” bonus track, which lets you be Ethan Hunt and outrun the Syndicate to steal some classified intel in Casablanca. Tom Cruise looks like his hair has been abundantly sprayed with a hair modeling Taft of extra strong fixation exactly during the race, so he looks like Sonic, but for the groovy red shirt with white print. (I hope they have an explanation for this one in the movie). What really makes a huge difference in the Rogue Nation bonus track is the official Mission Impossible soundtrack, which makes racing a lot more exhilarating and exciting.


Overall, the improved physics engine and the beefed up controls really shine, and the game is a must-have this season for any connoisseur of the racing genre on mobile. It has its weak spots, but they are tiny when compared to the overall heavyweight goodness SBK15 is. In other words, SBK15 is worth cleaning up some space on your device to install.

Sorry, Tom...
Sorry, Tom…

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