Sale Alert: Android Games (July 31)


meta1Shiver: Poltergeist CE Now $1.99, Normally $2.99
By Big Fish Games

For the return of this series, Ricardo Chellini is sick and tired of living his incredibly mundane life that’s full of repetitive tasks which leaves him unfulfilled. On one particularly boring day, Ricardo receives a letter in the mail that informs him he’s become the soul heir to a manor in England. You’ll get to join Ricardo on his journey through this manor and help him discover it’s terrifying history. With its captivating graphics and incredible storyline, you’re surely going to end up wasting a ton of time wrapped up in these hidden object puzzles.


Ninja VillageNinja Village Now $1.20, Normally $4.99
By Kairosoft Co., LTD

In this game, you get the pleasure of being the head of a ninja warrior clan and you need to rally followers and help unify Japan. You’ll need to train everyone in the ways of 16th century warfare (you even get to use newfangled matchlock guns!), and then assign them to infantry, calvary, and other titles that will build you an army built for a shogun. You can raise funds for your army by producing food and other goods that you can sell to passing travelers. Will you be victorious in your struggle for unification? For such a great price, does it really matter?


JewellustJewellust Now $1.49, Normally $2.95
By Smartpix Games

Jewellust is one of the most aesthetically pleasing gem swapping puzzle games there are, and at 50% off, there’s no reason not to put it on your Android device! The backgrounds are based in Ancient Egypt and you need to burst the jewels in order to travel through different pyramids. You burst the jewels by moving them into groups of three or more, and you must get all the mosaic tiles to the bottom row before the time runs out. With multiple language support, it’s the perfect time passer for anyone that enjoys playing Bejewelled type games.


Tentacle WarsTentacle Wars Now $0.89, Normally $1.79
By FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

In this fascinating strategy game, you’re responsible for saving an entire alien species from extinction when you learn that a contaminated organism is about to die. How do you save the species? By entering a microscopic world of cells, neurons, and DNA tentacles. Capture the enemy cells in this final defense game and make sure that the alien species can continue to thrive. This game is incredibly easy to get into, and exceptionally difficult to put down.


meta 5Toca Cars Now $0.99, Normally $2.99
By Toca Boca AB

If you’ve got kids, then you should seriously consider installing this game on your Android device. In this world made of recycled cardboard, you get to drive around in a world where no rules apply! – You’ll get to drive through puddles of ice cream, or build a huge pile of houses to drive right into. You can arrange the world you’re driving in any way that you’d like; this game is sure to keep your kids entertained for hours.


meta6R-Type II Now $0.99, Normally $1.99
By DotEmu

If you’re a fan of the old school arcade style shooter games, then this is the perfect game for you. In this game you’re in control of the ship R-9C (an improved version of it’s predecessor from the original R-Type, the R-9) and you need to use it to take down the Bydo Empire again. With six levels to unlock and plenty of upgrades, this game is sure to keep you busy for hours.


meta7Final Fantasy V Now $7.99, Normally $15.99

If you’ve ever played any of the Final Fantasy games, you know just how life consuming they can become. At 50% off, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to install this game on your android phone! In this installment, you can customize your characters to an unprecedented degree; the characters are more detailed and expressive. With four characters that didn’t know each other previously being brought together to set out on an epic adventure, Final Fantasy V surely won’t disappoint you.