How To: Replace Siri with Jarvis (Jailbreak)


Since Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron has met all expectations and proven to be a smash hit in the box office, you might have wondered what it would be like to have Jarvis as your personal assistant. And while reality is a far cry from the very intelligent Jarvis of the movies, an intuitive Reddit user has now found a way to replace at least some of Siri’s sound effects with Jarvis ones. The result is not always pretty but combined with the stock UK English male voice you can have a very neat experience, especially if you do not like Siri’s personality. Note that you will need a jailbroken device in order for this to work.

Back up the sound files

I am sure that some of you are thinking that backing up your files is not really necessary but this step is absolutely crucial. If the tweak does not work, you risk a lot of trouble that comes with finding and installing the right files again so follow these simple steps that might save you hours of frustration later on.

1. Launch iFile.
2. Navigate to /System/Library/Audio.
3. Tap on the Edit button.
4. Select UISounds.
5. Tap the Compress button and you are done.

Replace the files

1. Download the Jarvis sound effects files from here and drop them to your iPhone (via AirDrop or any other preferred method).
2. Tap on the Unarchiver to extract the files.
3. Tap on the Edit button.
4. Select all fives files and tap on the Clipboard button.
5. Tap on Cut.
6. Navigate to the sound effects location (/System/Library/Audio)/UISounds).
7. Tap on the Edit button again.
8. Tap on Paste and select to Overwrite All files.
9. Reboot your iPhone and the Jarvis sound effects should now be applied to your device.

Changing Siri to a male British voice

This is semi-optional but it really compliments the Jarvis sounds so I highly suggest you do it. I have already shown you how to do this here so just follow the steps on that guide and you will be done in no time!