How To: Remove the ‘Wi-Fi connected’ notification in Android

Wi-Fi Connected

In most Android devices, connecting to a Wi-Fi network means you will also be getting a permanent ‘Wi-Fi connected’ notification which is as useless as it is annoying, at least for me (and many others I presume). Thankfully, there are two different methods you can use, depending on your Android device, that will allow you to get rid of it and pleasure your eyes.

Method 1: Some Android devices (especially Samsung ones)

Force Stop Wi-Fi Notification

Although this is an admittedly inconvenient method, it works quite well if you are constantly having Wi-Fi connected on your device. Once the notification pops up, tap on it and hold it till the App Info menu comes up. Tap on that and you should be taken to the appropriate settings menu. Once there, tap on the Force stop option, confirm your choice and the notification should go away without affecting anything else in your connection.

Method 2: Some other Android devices

A permanent solution is also available in some Android devices although I am not quite sure which ones. First of all, turn your Wi-Fi off. Then, go to your device’s settings and navigate to Wi-Fi > Menu > Advanced and un-check the “Notify me” options in Open/Secure Network options. If your device does support this, you are pretty much good to go forever.

Method 2: Any Android device


Provided you have rooted your device, you can actually take control of each and every notification you can possibly think of. This works across every device, provided you have the Xposed Framework installed. If you do, search for NotifyClean and be amazed as it will allow you to stop all the notifications that you hate in your device.