How To: Record and send audio messages in iOS 8

Audio Message iOS

As is the case with every new version of every operating system ever, iOS 8 will have a ton of little features that will go unnoticed by its users at first but will become common and obvious as time goes on. The latest feature that falls into that category is the ability of iOS 8 to record and send audio messages instead of text.

This is very neat because it is done in the same interface as the text messages. There are obviously many reasons why you want to send an audio message even while typing something else, something that most companies have realized as even Skype has added that functionality recently.

Audio Message iOS 8

Sending an audio recording over is also very easy. Just find the microphone icon above the on-screen keyboard, hold it while recording your message and slide it on top to send it. To cancel the recording, slide it on the left where the “x” icon resides. You are also going to be seeing a preview of your recording, including the elapsed time, on the left of the screen to keep track on it.