How To: Record your iPhone’s screen without jailbreaking


Shou.TV Record Button

Recording the screen of your iPhone or iPad is not as simple as you may think. There are a lot of different methods to accomplish it including Apple’s own QuickTime yet each tool poses a different kind of problem. For example, one can tether their iOS device with their Mac and record screen through QuickTime but audio lag can be an issue. Other apps can also work in conjunction with a PC but you usually have to spend some money first. Thankfully, there is a way to record your screen with a simple app and you will not even have to jailbreak your device.

Note: This guide is meant for iOS 7-8.4 devices. Previous iOS versions are not supported and iOS 9 features native screen recording via the ReplayKit API.

Grab Shou

In order to record your screen you will need a nifty little app called Shou. For starters, visit this link with your iOS device. You should get a pop up asking you to install Shou so tap on the respective button to continue. The Shou icon will now be available in your home screen so tap on it and confirm that you Trust the developer when that pop up makes an appearance. The first screen you will see will only have a Continue button which will take you to the official Shou.TV app in the App Store. You will need the app to create an account but other than that you do not have to use it ever again if you do not want to.

Shou.TV Stream

In case that does not work, there is a different way of installing it. First, go to the website and install the Emu4iOS Store. This alternate App Store will allow you to download apps that do not exist in the App Store, including Shou. When you initially open the Emu4iOS store, a pop up may appear asking you to trust the developer. Confirm that, search for Shou in the Apps list and install it like any other app. Shou.TV

Record your screen

Presuming that you have done everything correctly so far, it is time to create your first recording. To do that, open the Shou app and tap on the “Start recording” button. The app will start recording your screen and you will see a banner for it at the top of your screen so that you know it is active. Note that if you want to record in full-screen mode you will need to enable the “Assistive Touch” feature found in Settings > General > Accessibility.

Shou.TV Record

To stop the recording, tap on the Shou banner or open the app and tap on the “Stop Recording” option. Your videos can be found in the “Recordings” tab where you will get the option to play them with Shou, open them in a different media player, save them to your camera roll or just delete them if they are not up to par. And that is pretty much it! You can also use Shou to directly broadcast your videos to the app’s audience and show the world what you can do in your favorite games.