Play Game Boy on your Smartphone or Tablet without an Emulator



Most Android users are well aware that you can get an emulator for various consoles – both handheld and non – that allows you to play games for that console on your phone or tablet. The same goes for Apple devices, but in most cases requires you to have a jailbroken device; although there are some emulators hitting the legitimate market for iOS.

However, there is actually a website you can visit via your smartphone or tablet browser, that will allow you to play classic Game Boy games without downloading, installing, or paying for anything. Some note-able games on the list include Mario Land, Tetris, Kirby’s Dream Land, Space Invaders, Bomberman, and several others. Players are given an image that represents the classic Game Boy device, with the same button layout used to control the games.

Screenshot_2014-02-24-14-35-03You can access the website by going to on your mobile browser, or simply by clicking here if you’re viewing this page on a mobile device. It’s nothing too fancy, or even anything to get that excited about since you still only have access to a handful of games, but definitely a nice quick way to play some old classics.

When playing the games on my Samsung Galaxy S4, I noticed significant lag that made the games very difficult to actually play. I’m not sure if this has something to do with my device specifically, but when trying it out on my iPad the games ran flawlessly. The button interface is a bit un-responsive at times, and you shouldn’t try going for speed runs through levels with this web based emulator, it does work pretty well however.

Still, I’d recommend you go with a full fledged emulator, and Android users can check out this guide on How to: Play GBA Games on your Android Device.