Next Hearthstone Expansion Brings 100+ Cards and Android Compatibility



It is exciting times for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, which just got done wrapping up it’s first expansion; entitled Curse of Naxxramas — which offered players a “raid” where they took on bosses from WoW’s Naxxramas raid. This was a player vs AI mode that offered a handful of cards, as well as class specific cards rewarded for completing class challenges in the raid. Blizzard doesn’t plan to wait long before rolling out a whole new expansion for it’s popular TCG, but it won’t be quite the same style as Curse of Naxx.

They confirmed that there will be over 100 new cards implemented into the game with the upcoming expansion, although it is unclear how they will be released. Lead designed of Hearthstone, Eric Dodds, told that they don’t want to overwhelm players — but they do want to bring more playable cards into the game for the hardcore players. Given that Naxxramas only brought 30 new cards into the game, and these were released over the course of several weeks, it will definitely be interesting to see how Blizzard goes upon putting 100 new cards into it’s game.


Dodds also went on to say that they haven’t even finished decided what ratios the new cards will have, or what they’ll even do, so it’s not likely we will seen this update anytime soon. However, since it was recently confirmed by Joystiq that Hearthstone would be seeing an Android port before the end of the year, it’s possible that this could coincide with the new expansion. The increased compatibility also extends to iPhone, so all iOS users will soon have access to Hearthstone instead of just iPad owners.

Hearthstone doesn’t seem to be slowing down whatsoever, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular games out there — on both PC and mobile markets. More information is likely to be released in the coming weeks about this expansion, and hopefully we will have a release date to share with you soon. For now, make sure you check back regularly for updates!