New clicker game ‘CivCrafter’ out now on iOS/Android



Naquatic LLC recently released a new clicker game by the name of CivCrafter that has been seeing some great reviews on the app stores. The developer has seen moderate success with previous releases like GunCrafter and MonsterCrafter, as well as their sports showdown games. However, it appears they’re going down a different route and stepping into the clicker genre, and it seems to be working out well for them.

The clicker genre is one that some gamers love, and others are simply baffled at how popular some of these games can become. These are games that typically involve tapping your screen at an extremely rapid pace in order to produce more of a certain currency or item. As simple as the gameplay sounds, it is usually the mystery of how much stuff you can accumulate, as well as the cosmetic upgrades that keep these games entertaining. CivCrafter is a game that may have slightly broken the mold on this genre, which is why this is one clicker to really be excited about.


In CivCrafter, the goal is to establish an entire civilization, all with your index finger (maybe the rest of your fingers too, but not required). In most clicker games, you’d expect the end result to be something like a fully developed city with a giant shrine in your honor, and multiple currencies that are maxed out. However, that’s not quite the case in CivCrafter, as there’s a bit more competition involved when you get into the clan wars. Yes, that’s right, the Clash of Clans PvP style has influenced yet another genre.

There really is a substantial amount of depth to this game, and it’s one that I’d highly recommend — plus it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose if you want to give it a shot. Of course free also means IAPs, but they aren’t too punishing. Keep your eyes out for a full review of CivCrafter soon, and meanwhile, check the game out on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for yourself!