The New Cal Available for Android


399 releases Android-compatible Cal application, previously available on iOS devices only. Cal is a task and calendar management tool popular on iTunes, and now it hits Android market. spices Cal with various beautifying ideas and features and adds up a calendar structure to manage your daily routines and schedules. Cal is already available on Google Play and has quickly become a hit app for those who need a mobile calendar.


Those of you who got used to Google Calendar with its polished features may want to switch to Cal because it just is beautiful in everything it does. Calendar apps tend to be boring and depressing mainly because they deal with routines and work, something which, unfortunately, causes negative and dull emotions; the lucky ones can boast of excitement in work-related emotions. However, Cal offers a beautiful interface and a lot of fun, beautifying features and often-changing images to freshen up the GUI, so every time you look at it you get aesthetic pleasure.


  • Cal is perfectly integrated with your other Android applications, so when you need to hit the road, it will suggest Uber to get a taxi, or a restaurant when you have a dinner out planned.
  • Its social and location integration offers suggestions as to whom you want to contact and where you can go to have fun.
  • Each event in is perfectly integrated with your calendar, and you can see just what needs to be done for every task at hand.
  • Cal will suggest Google Maps when you are on the road. It has a number of swiping, tilting and flowing ways to navigate through your daily tasks for enhanced productivity.
  • Amazing rich graphics in a variety of photo themes spice up the looks and add some peace to your working routines.

Some special features only Android peculiar make Cal an outstanding choice:

  • Android widget provides a convenient overview of your daily tasks right on your home screen, so you do not need to open the app to take a quick look at your agenda.
  • Landscape mode allows you to tilt your smartphone to open a different view of your meetings, calendar and tasks.
  • Cal synchronizes with Google Calendar, Exchange and other apps to offer fully integrated experience and performance.
  • Those who use will be able to post tasks to Cal right from interface for better planning convenience. This offers a convenient way to merge tasks, schedule and to-do lists.


It certainly is one of the most eye-pleasing applications on Google Play, and in Calendar niche. Moreover, it is free and perfectly integrated with, Google Calendar and many other useful applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud.

Attractive and user-friendly interface allows to smoothly navigate through your tasks and do amazing things. For example, you can view your Facebook friends’ birthdays in Cal, set a lot of reminders for important appointments and customize them.


The novelty of the nine image-themed backgrounds may quickly wear out, and it would be nice to be able to add a customizable image or personal photo as a background.

Google Calendar addicts may find themselves reluctant to migrate from the nested and customized app to something new and different.

It does not have a search option which can be rather upsetting when you’ve accumulated a lot of information in the app.


Certainly, Cal is not the most robust calendar app for Android devices. Business Calendar Pro, $5, is a feature-packed popular choice for the busy kind. Jorte, free, offers a cloud-sync service, and you can manage your tasks and calendars from the desktop PCs.


Cal is one of the most beautiful calendar managers for Android, and it is free of charge, so anyone who does not mind migrating from Google Calendar, or who hasn’t used any calendar apps at all, Cal is one of the best options available on Google Play so far. It lacks some features, yes, but when it comes to the comprehensive integration with other Android applications, landscape view and beautiful themes, Cal is at its best.