Microsoft publishes preview of Acompli-based Outlook app for Android, releases final version for iOS



Back in December Microsoft struck a $200 million deal to purchase Acompli email app for iOS and Android, and now it’s putting it to good use. Today, the company has released a preview version of the Outlook app for Android and a full version for iOS.

Right now, there are various Outlook apps available which make things a bit confusing, but all of them are now replaced with this app. For Android you can use the preview as long as you can handle a few bugs and the fact this version may still lack some functionality.

Outlook for iOS

The new Outlook apps are not an update to any of their older counterparts, they are designed from the ground up using a large portion of Acompli’s code which also reflects in their layouts. In fact, this version of Outlook is currently Acompli with a few extra features – reflecting the hurry in which Microsoft was, to make them available so quickly after buying Acompli.

Outlook’s mobile versions will continue to support most email providers – starting with popular ones such as Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail -, and cloud services like Dropbox and obviously OneDrive.

The reason for which the Outlook app for Android is still in preview, it’s because the latter ecosystem encompasses a variety of hardware and the company needs to perform more testing and data gathering on real-world devices. Looking at preview length of the Office apps for Android, we can probably expect a final version of Outlook within a few months.

Visit the App Store to get Outlook for iOS and Google Play to get Outlook Preview for your Android device – Despite the preview status Microsoft, recommends this Outlook app instead of any other.

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