How To: Make a phone call by drawing a gesture on Android


Gesture 2 Call Contact

The days where you had to press physical buttons in order to make a phone call are long behind us. Though some may remember those days fondly, others just want to find even easier ways of calling their friends and family. Their efforts have brought a few great apps into the Play Store which let you draw gestures on your screen whenever you want to chat with your significant other or ask mom how she is doing.

The unfortunate thing is that these kinds of apps do not have the kind of following you may expect and thus they do not really receive much support by the developers. Of all the apps listed here, the most recently updated one has not received any changes since February 2015 so take that as you may. Some of them may not work on Lollipop (I could not get them to in my Moto G, for instance) but make sure to try them all because different phones will most likely have different results as well.

Gesture 2 Call

Gesture 2 Call Main

As one of the most recent apps of its kind, Gesture 2 Call has a modern interface which also happens to be easy to use. Once you open the app, tap on the big plus (+) button located in the bottom right corner, select one of your contacts and make a gesture. The gesture does not have to be a letter so you can be as creative as you want. If you are happy with your creation, tap on the “Done” button to continue. If not, tap on the Discard button instead and start over.

Gesture 2 Call

To use the app, tap on the floating icon (twice) and draw your gesture. The app should automatically place the call and get out of your way immediately. Gesture 2 Call also has a constant notification as the service is always running. The floating icon part is a bit annoying for me but I am sure that others will not mind. After all, Facebook Messenger’s own floating icons have found a decent following.

Gesture Call

Gesture Call

As you may or may not have noticed already, Gesture Call and the previous app share the same description though they come from seemingly different developers. Gesture Call was the first release of the two and it does things a bit differently too. The basic concept is the same. Open the app, select a contact, draw a gesture and you will be able to call that contact with your imaginative drawings such as a heart for your crush.

Gesture Call Contact

Instead of a floating icon, the gesture calls work either by drawing into the app itself which can also be accessed by an optional constant notification. Furthermore, Gesture Call will continuously ask if you actually want to call that specific contact until you feel comfortable enough with the gestures to turn the option off in the settings. Finally, a simple tap on the SMS/Phone button will let you switch between calls and texts, depending on what you are in the mood for.