Make Music on your iOS Device with Beatwave



Electronic music has skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of years, and even some of the top artists in the world create music 100% electronically. There are plenty of indie artists out there as well — and pretty much everyone involved in this industry is using some sort of very expensive software to create the music. Now, there’s also the average Joe who knows next to nothing about making music, or even where to start. Fortunately for Joe, there’s Beatwave, a new iOS app that allows just about anyone to create a catchy track straight from their iPhone or iPad.

Can you really make music as a total novice?

It may sound a little too good to be true, but this app actually makes it happen. The biggest thing here is that everything you make is in the same key, so it’s literally impossible to create a song that sounds way off. Sure, there’s definitely ways to make your songs better, but you won’t ever feel like you just wasted an hour creating something that just sounds like crap. All of this makes Beatwave the perfect app for both pros and amateurs of the music making world.

Isn’t it extremely limited?

One of the biggest worries about an app like this is that it would be highly limited, and only serve as more of a novelty app rather than a legitimate music making program. However, the app comes with 10 free instruments, but there are actually 200+ other instruments that can be purchased from the Beatwave store. Along with those instruments, you’re also given 12 unique effects that can drastically change how your instrument sounds, and you can tweak these effects further — opening up a literally endless amount of sounds.


Beatwave supports up to four ‘layers’ aka tracks, so that users can have multiple instruments going at once. There are also four measures per layer, so you can add variations and different parts of the song structure instead of just one beat on loop over and over again. Once you have a finished creation, you can easily export it and share with your friends over social media, or turn it into your own personal ringtone.

Sounds like a lot to pack into a mobile app…

There’s definitely a lot to take in and get acquainted with, but it’s surprising how fast most people will pick up on the process of things. If it was done any other way, it probably wouldn’t work, but the developers implemented everything into a visual grid that you can just tap to create the music. You can pick the pitch of each note and when it is played just by tapping, and remove them the same way, making it easy to mess around with a snippet until you get it just right.

Interested in Beatwave? Check it out here on the Apple App Store!

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