Kawaii Killer gets Pulled from the App Store



The mobile gaming market doesn’t see a whole lot of controversy, but recently, Apple decided to remove a game that was recently added to the store — and was actually thriving. The name of the game is Kawaii Killer, and the main focus of the game was to kill as many little critters as possible through various means of execution. Kawaii Killer features plenty of blood, gore, and violence, but was there anything too over the top for the app store?

You can’t help but think of the Happy Tree Friends internet series when you see Kawaii Killer, and the game is obviously influenced by the internet cartoon (if you’re un-familiar, you can Google that). Happy Tree Friends is extremely popular, so it’s no surprise that Kawaii Killer was actually seeing success — even though it was only on the App Store for just a few days, it was actually one of the featured apps.


Apple’s reasoning for pulling the game was “”Killing adorable animals does not meet the App Store guidelines”, which probably isn’t exactly stated that way in the developer’s agreement, but Apple is free to remove an app if they wish. Tabemasu Games is the developer behind Kawaii Killer, and this was actually the first game they had released on the App Store — only to find out that it would be removed after six days of being available for download.

The interesting part about this, is that all games must be pre-approved before going live on the App Store, which is why you don’t normally hear about a game being pulled — since they have all been approved. However, Apple decided to change it’s mind about this particular game, and if I had to guess I’d say a string of complaints from angry parents could very well be the cause of this. Even though the name Kawaii Killer doesn’t scream ‘kid-friendly’, the cute little critter graphics could be a tad misleading.

Kawaii Killer remains available on Android devices (for now), and you can pick it up now for $2.99 to see what all the fuss is about. Since Android doesn’t have the same limitations on what types of apps can be submitted, and there’s no pre-approval process, it’s a safe bet that this game will remain available on Android. In-fact, this could almost be a blessing in disguise for the developers, as news of Apple’s censorship could boost popularity for the game on other platforms.


Tabemasu claims that there are plenty of other games that are just as offensive, if not worse than what Kawaii Killer had to offer — such as BloodyXmas and Blend the Boss. Quite frankly, they bring up a very good point here, as the content doesn’t differ too much from their game — especially compared to BloodyXmas. I guess the one stipulation would be that BloodyXmas features angry looking critters, as opposed to the cute innocent ones portrayed in Kawaii Killer.

Let us know your opinion on this situation! Do you think Kawaii Killer deserves to be censored? Or should Apple re-instate the game immediately? Leave a comment below.