iOS dominates online mobile holiday sales again


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Although you could argue that the holiday season is not over yet, it looks like the clear winner of the mobile sales is Apple yet again. A survey conducted by IBM shows iOS users were once again the highest spenders when compared to Android, at least in the United States. Note that the figures are all about Christmas Day in particular.

More specifically, iOS users spent an average of $97.28 per online order compared to an average of $67.40 for Android users. That is a difference of 44.4 percent which is obviously quite high. What all of this means is that iOS users were responsible for 57.1 percent of mobile online shopping, increased from 48.8 last year. That also accounts for 27 percent of all online sales, compared to Android’s 7.6 percent.

Before you jump into the argument of iOS versus Android, you should also keep in mind that iOS has a larger market share in the US than Android so things might differ in other regions. Moreover, it is very important to view this as important for the mobile industry as a whole. There is absolutely no doubt that mobile phones and tablets are only increasing in popularity and online services that do not cater to the mobile crowd will suffer as a result.