iOS App Disney Movies Anywhere Is Offering A Free Copy Of The Movie ‘The Incredibles’



Get the movie ‘The Incredibles’ free when you install Dinsey Movies Anywhere on your iOS device.

Disney continues to progress forward in today’s digital society by launching a new service called Disney Movies Anywhere. The service is your digital haven to Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies, offering full downloads, streamed content and much more. The service has also launched a companion app for iOS, which allows users to connect their iTunes account with the Disney Movies Anywhere service. What sweetens this new service even more so, is that they’re offering a free copy of the movie The Incredibles as part of a launch promo campaign.

“Stream your Disney, Pixar and Marvel digital movie collection at home or on-the-go, browse and buy from an extensive catalogue of titles, access exclusive content, get exciting rewards and MORE! Signup and connect your iTunes account today to get Disney*Pixar’s The Incredibles for free!”

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The new Disney service is offering more than just download and streaming movies as well. Many of the movies purchased through the Disney Movies Anywhere service will include a variety of exclusive content such as, never before seen footage, commentaries, original programming, etc. As I mentioned before, you’ll have the option to either stream your purchased movies online or download the movie to your device for offline usage. This will be particularly useful for devices with limited storage space or Wi-Fi only devices, as you’ll be able to download and remove movies without having to worry about losing them or waiting a long period for them to re-download.

On top of exclusive content and a free movie, Disney is also offering a reward program for members of the service that will reward points for every transaction, which you’ll be able to use those reward points towards future purchases. The service already is providing discounts and sales on some movies, which is a good sign that we will continue to see more in the future, hopefully we’ll see some blow-out sales in the future like the popular Steam Sales.

All in all, the Disney Movies Anywhere services seems to be a pretty great service and one I would definitely recommend to anyone with children or someone who is a fan of Disney, Pixar, or Marvel movies. Personally I feel it’s probably worth the download just to get the free movie, but most likely I’ll end up showing more interest in the service once the Star Wars license is a bit more involved. The big question I have now, is what similar service will we see next in the digital arena? We saw that the WWE moved into the digital spotlight and now Disney, it’s only a matter of time until more companies decide to ride the digital download and streaming waves. Hopefully sooner than later we can put our Satellite and Cable bills to rest and just watch video content online.

Disney Movies Anywhere is available for download and designed for iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPad’s and can be downloaded for free through either iTunes or the App Store. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later and has been optimized for the iPhone 5.


Download: Disney Movies Anywhere on the Apple App Store

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