Highly anticipated RPG port ‘Legend of Grimrock’ out now on iOS



Looking for a spectacular premium RPG for iOS with a finely tuned classic feel? Well, Legend of Grimrock has finally arrived on the App Store, and it’s just the game you’re looking for. The game was originally released on PC via Steam, and the iOS port has been in development for quite some time. For an idea of the response this game received, just refer to it’s Steam rating — which currently boasts a 10/10 average rating with over 3,000 reviews. If that’s not enough, when you get it for iOS, it’ll only cost you a fraction of the $14.99 Steam price-tag, as it’s only $4.99 on mobile.

Here’s the launch trailer from developer Almost Human:

The game is a first-person dungeon crawler with plenty of puzzles, action, strategy, and excitement. You’ll go from dodging fireballs and trapdoors one moment, to battling a giant spider the next. It’s campaign is lengthy, and well worth the reasonable $4.99 price, which gives you the full game and no IAPs. There’s even a sequel available for PC, so once you’ve had your fun with the mobile port, you can try that out (or perhaps wait another year or so for that one to get ported, if it ever happens).

Let us know what you think about this game in the comments below! And be sure to stay tuned for a full review, as well as tips & tricks to help you succeed in Legend of Grimrock.