Hidden iOS 10 features you might not know about



With the official announcement of iOS 10 that Apple made just a few days ago, they highlighted the most important iOS 10 features during the annual WWDC event. However, there is more to this, and in today’s post I’ll be sharing some hidden iOS 10 features, Apple didn’t talk about and they are not listed on the official website either.

Of course, this doesn’t make them any less important. More often than not, small functional improvements can make all the difference. You’ll find out what I’m talking about in a moment.

12 hidden iOS 10 features worthy of attention

iOS 10 packs a lot of goodies, Messages and the Lock screen being some of the most improved areas of the operating system. Apple Music, Maps and a few more apps have received some love as well, but we already talked about them.

Right now, we’re going to focus on some awesome hidden iOS 10 features, that are also incredibly useful. It makes sense that Apple didn’t have time to showcase them all during the keynote, so we’ll do it for them.

Notification Center gets a Clear All option

Finally, you don’t have to dismiss notifications by category (or individually), and you can get a clean slate with the push of a button. Someone please explain why we are getting this handy option only now.

Search relocated to Notification Center

hidden iOS 10 features

The Search option is now logically placed in the Notification Center, with Today View being removed (only on the iPhone though).

Safari gets ‘Close all tabs’ option

This makes just as much sense as clearing all notifications at once. You need to long-press on Safari’s tab switcher and you will get the option to close all open tabs with a single tap.

Enable/disable Read Receipts for individual conversations

secret iOS 10 features

In previous iOS versions, you could enable or disable read receipts as a global option that affected all of your chat threads in iMessages.

iOS 10 brings the much-needed option to toggle on/off read receipts on a per conversation basis. You can find the option in the Messages app Details menu.

New Optimize Storage option

hidden iOS 10 features Optimize Storage

Many of those who own iPhone with only 16GB storage are struggling to keep their file collection in check, and iOS 10 introduces a new feature that lets you optimize your device’s storage.

You can enable it from the Settings pane of the Music app, in which case your iPhone automatically removes songs you haven’t listened to in a while. The time span is a bit generic, although you can select a minimum storage size so you don’t wake up one day without your precious music collection.

Improved App Store ads

hidden iOS 10 features

The App Store allows developers to purchase ad space with their banners showing up when you search for specific keywords. However, iOS 10 makes them easy to tell apart compared to regular search results, compared to how they are displayed in iOS 9.

Quick Email Filters

iOS 10 lets you quickly filter your emails by tapping the filter icon in the bottom left corner of your Inbox screen. There, you can access several filter options like mail with attachments, by read or VIP status, addressed-to, and others.

New ‘Back to’ button


The ‘Back To’ button available in the status bar has been shrunk and is displayed along with cellular signal and Wi-Fi icons.

New Maps navigation avoid tolls and highways options

Finally, you can set your route in Apple maps to avoid toll roads and/or highways. Another small, yet useful addition shows the current weather at the destination.

Markup in Messages

hidden iOS 10 features markup in Messages

The Messages app in iOS 10 allows you to markup photos and videos before sharing them. The Markup options can be accessed from the bottom bar for the currently selected image or video.

Control flashlight intensity with 3D Touch


3D Touch is gaining new uses in iOS 10, and a small but noteworthy one let you adjust flashlight intensity from the Quick Options menu that shows up when you force-press the Torch icon in Control Center.

Preset handwritten notes

lesser know iOS 10 features

Handwriting a message gives it a much needed personal touch, and you can access various ready-made handwritten notes when you rotate the chat box in landscape mode, but also write your own.

These are some of our favorite hidden iOS 10 features, that Apple skipped during the keynote. Of course, there are plenty others and we’d love to know which ones you find most useful.

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