Google Translate app will soon support real-time speech-to-speech


Google Translate App Icon

Regardless of your thoughts on machine translations, you must admit that there are a lot of services out there that do an at least decent job of providing translations to those in need and all of them have undoubtedly improved in recent years. Google’s Translate app is a prime example of that, especially combined with the company’s vast resources.

Now, it looks like Google wants to update its app to make it more like what Skype Translator is. More specifically, users will be able to speak into the app and it will automatically translate it in real-time in the desired language. If you have used the app before, you probably know that it already features a speech-to-speech translate mode but there is a considerable waiting time during which the app translates the content and then speaks it aloud. What Google is now trying to do is remove the waiting time and provide the translations in real-time, meaning you will speak and the app will immediately translate it, on the fly.

The greats news about this is that Google is very good at improving its services through user feedback and crowdsourcing, despite the privacy concerns that many have raised. In an effort to combat that, Google will also keep the conversations in separate files so gaining access to them will be more or less useless. I personally think it is great that translation is taking a front row seat now and more apps, especially of this magnitude, are always welcome.