Google Allo brings smart messaging to Android



Google Allo is finally here and wants to become your daily drivers for all messaging needs and more. The app is designed to work with the Google Assist service to let you perform searches and find information without leaving the current conversation.

The smart messaging app for Android and iOS learns from your habits so the more you use it, the better it will serve your needs. It can help you quickly find information, make plans and much more.

There’s a Smart Reply feature included that gives you context-based short message suggestions so you can send one-tap replies. Of course, the suggestions also take your writing style into account and become more relevant as you use it.

Regarding conversations, Google Allo lets you resize emojis, scribble on pictures before you share them, and choose from a wealth of sticker packs. Through integration with the Google Assistant service, you can ask Google questions. All you need to do is type @google, and Assistant will be at your service.

Google Allo

For example, while making plans with friends in a group chat ou can enable the Assistant and ask for local restaurants, movie schedules, flights, hotels, travel destinations and more. Obviously, Google Assistant can be used simply to fetch information like weather, news, and traffic.

However, the Assistant can also perform other tasks for you, like sharing a YouTube video with a friend, and even play games in the group chat.

Right now, Google Allo is using the preview version of the Assistant service which will receive plenty of additional capabilities over time starting with multilingual support (at the moment only English is supported).

Perhaps one of the most interesting features available in Google Allo is chatting in Incognito Mode (just like browsing Incognito in Chrome). An Incognito conversation brings message expiration, discreet notifications, and all messages have end-to-end encryption.

However, there’s one more important thing you should know about Google Allo, which will probably make you want to try it unless you aren’t convinced yet. You can message even friends who aren’t using Allo via SMS and Android users will receive app preview messages, as well as have the ability to send you a reply without having to install the app.

Google Allo is currently on a worldwide staged rollout for both Android and iOS. If you decide to give it a try, come back and let us know what are your first impressions.

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