‘Goat Simulator’ goes on sale to coincide with ‘GoatZ’ release



If you’ve been avoiding Coffee Stain Studio’s popular Goat Simulator because you couldn’t justify the $5 price-tag, you may want to take another look soon. We just recently talked about the upcoming standalone/expansion to the game, GoatZ [Android, iOS(which came out today as well), and the developer decided to throw Goat Simulator on sale along with that release. Remember, you don’t need Goat Simulator in order to play GoatZ, or vice-versa — but it’s a great opportunity to pick both of them up for the low price of $7.


Simulator and GoatZ both feel similar, but have very different overall themes. In Simulator, it’s more about scoring points by doing random obnoxious things as a goat, and also about launching yourself into the air as a rag-doll and seeing what happens. GoatZ takes those mechanics, and mixes in a zombie survival theme, where you can craft various items to help you take down a horde of zombies as a goat. It’s ridiculous, hilarious, and probably something you should pick up on the app store this week.