Gift Ideas for iPhone Addicts



If your friend or loved one is an iPhone devotee, we have some suggestions that would make perfect Christmas gifts. IPad and iPhone geeks are the tricky kind of friends who most likely have more than you can imagine in terms of applications and accessories. Some say that Apple’s approach to products to make them one-size so that all accessories fit them, leaves very little room for imagination. On the other hand, the number of stylish and posh iPad and iPhone accessories is large, giving you some space to identify a particular accessory that defines your friend’s personality and character best of all. Here are some suggestions in character-defining iPhone and iPad accessories and applications.

The Photo Geek

The iPhone camera has a good standing as a powerful tool among professional photographers. The number of great iPhone image editing applications is large, but the iPhones lens has been the weak spots so far. USB Fever $70, with a whole pack of attachable lands and a tripod, completely solves this problem. It offers several lens, such as white angle, fish eye and 8x telephoto.

Here are some applications available on iTunes that go well with USB Fever: Photogene $2, Color Splash $1, CameraBag $2, Camera Fun Pro $1.

nike-plus-ipod-sport-kitWorking Out?

This one is a killer accessory – Nike and iPod sport Kit, NKE $35, which sports a wireless sensor in-built in the special pair of Nike+ shoes, which literally talks to your iPhone or iPod, if it is connected to a receiver. The sensor tracks your speed, calories burned, running time, and running distance. It is also possible to set goals, and over time, you will be able to track your performance.

Applications for iPhone and iPad that go perfectly well with NKE are: Lose It! Free, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clocks $1, Nike Running $2, Full Fitness $2.

ProcreateFor the Artist

We have recently covered the news about Kyle Lambert who creates astonishing portraits using iPod and Procreate app $5.99. If your friend enjoys finger-painting, this application will make a wonderful Christmas present; that is, if he still doesn’t have it.



Webers-On-The-Grill-AppFor the Cooking Genius

If your friend likes to cook, most likely, he’s using his iPad is a cookbook because it makes an excellent alternative to regular cookbooks. Applications like Cook’s Illustrated, Epicurious and Weber’s On the Grill are so much more than the regular cookbook; they show pictures and videos and describe in detail various cooking methods, as well as feature in-built timers.

Nevertheless, using iPad while cooking is not very convenient due to the mess we create when we cook. This is where the iPad Bracket by ClayWare Games, $20, comes along offering a convenient and small mound you can use to attach your iPad to any convenient place and keep it safe from liquids and flour.

iphone-leashFor the Absent-Minded

If your friend is notorious for losing his devices, he could use a retractable cable called the iPhone Leash, $25, which keeps your iPhone close at hand all the time and prevents you from losing it. This one is especially useful for the party lovers who like to rock all night long, but tend to lose their iPhones, along with all the stored data in bars and nightclubs.
Targus ZierraFor the Fashion Devotee

Fashionistas will enjoy one of the Targus’ leather cases. Take a look at the Zierra $60 and Truss $50 lines with nifty pockets and a variety of colors and textures. The cases can also be used for hands-free viewing.


apple_tvFor the Movie Fan

If your friend is an Apple devotee and a movie nerd, and still doesn’t have the Apple TV $99 to stream movies and track down iTunes movie rentals, giving him one for Christmas might be a good idea. You can stream photos, videos and movies from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices directly to your TV, as well as use these devices as a remote control. You get to use Netflix for free, too.



Magellan Tough CaseFor the Eco-tourist

If your friend likes to climb, jump, dive and visit remote places far from civilization, the Magellan tough case $180 makes a perfect companion for an iPhone that travels in tough conditions. It is a waterproof and shockproof case with amazing capabilities of doubling the battery life and boosting the GPS signal, critical features for those who like to wander in the faraway places. Note that the case is rather heavy, but considering its functionality, it is well worth its money because it makes an iPhone twice as powerful in terms of GPS signal.

One more really useful accessory for travelers is the Dexim Super –Juice power case, which also gives you additional battery life up to six hours more; it also comes with a built-in kickstand and costs $70.

RiverGuide for Kayakers $5, Ski and Snow Report free, AccuTerra $5 make a nice company for the nature lovers.

GolfFor the Golf Aficionado

If your friend likes to boast off his golfing success, giving him GelaSkins Golfer protective sticker, $15, may put you at the top of his best friends list. Golf Rules, $10, and GolfShot, $30, are a perfect fit to the present.


iPad Dodo caseFor the Music Fans

The Logitech S715i portable speakers for iPhone and iPod deliver exceptional sound with an eight hour rechargeable battery plus a carrying case and come at $150.

For the Writers

For those who write and read a lot, the iPad offers quite a large soft keyboard to create journal entries. Getting a physical keyboard is one option, but a Dodo case offers a beautifully crafted bind case that makes your iPad look like an old-fashioned notebook. This may be a wonderful present for those who like the classy style and touch of the old-fashioned journals.