How To: Get rid of apps on Android



Without applications, our Android devices wouldn’t be all that interesting, but often times we end up with a lot of excess applications that we don’t really want or need. These could be apps that you downloaded yourself, apps your friends or family members downloaded, or the pre-installed “bloatware” that your carrier loads on to the phone.

Most people know how to uninstall downloaded applications via the Play Store, by simply finding the app on the store, and tapping Uninstall. However, this takes a while when you’re trying to uninstall 10+ applications, and it simply doesn’t work for removing carrier apps, because they aren’t on the store. In this guide, you’ll find out a much quicker way to remove your apps, and a way that you can at least get those carrier apps out of sight.

Removing Downloaded Applications and Games

First, we’ll figure out how to quickly uninstall things that were downloaded from the App Store. To do this, go to your applications, find Settings and tap on it. Find the menu for “More” at the top of the screen, go there and tap on “Application Manager”. You should be brought to a list of all of your downloaded applications, you can scroll through this list until you find one that you’d like to remove.

















Once you’ve picked out an app to remove, simply tap on it, and tap the “Uninstall” button. Your device will ask you to confirm the action, so say OK and watch the application vanish before your eyes. After that, you’ll be brought back to the list of applications, and you can simply scroll through the apps until you find more that you’d like to get rid of — that’s all there is to it!

Removing Pre-Installed Carrier Applications

You probably noticed you didn’t see any of your carrier applications on that list, but don’t worry, you don’t need to stray too far from the application manager. When you’re at the list of downloaded applications, you’ll need to swipe your finger from right to left, do this twice and you’ll be on the list of all applications on your device. Obviously you could use this list to get rid of downloaded apps as well, and feel free to do so, but it’s a little harder to sift through every single app to find ones that you downloaded. The nice thing is, once you’ve cleaned out your “All” list, you probably won’t need to re-visit it.

Like I said before, you can’t completely remove pre-installed applications, but we can get them out of sight. We can also un-install any updates these apps have received, which will help free up some space. The process is pretty similar, just find the app you wan’t to hide and then tap on it. You’ll notice you can’t just un-install the app, but you can disable it, and that will remove any updates and hide it from view. Just go through the list and disable everything you don’t use/don’t want on your device.

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When doing this, be careful. If you remove vital system applications, your phone could run into some serious issues. Most of the time, you’ll know what apps are safe to remove, because anything that is currently running will require you to tap “Force Stop” prior to disabling the app. As long as your device is running good now, removing apps that aren’t even being used shouldn’t cause any issues.