G Pad 8.3 LG’s Debut in Tablet Market



Consumer electronic goods vendor LG debuts in the tablet arena with G Pad 8.3 starting with United Arab Emirates.

In September 2013, LG launched its G 2 smartphone and G 8 tablet complements the premium mobile product line. The new G 8 sports a full HD display in an 8-inch screen, amazing user experience and great connectivity.

“The G Pad exemplifies the most sought-after technological innovations in the tablet segment, which is currently among the fastest growing trends in electronics industry,’ says D.Y.Kim, president of LG Electronics, Gulf FZE.

The price tag says $350 but is it worth the money? Does it impress the market? Let us see.


Despite the large screen, G 8 is sleek and slim, and you can hold it with one hand. LG said they were researching consumer demand before building the prototype, and thus the tablet came out lightweight, 338 g, and in one of the most desired sizes. Despite its portability, G Pad 8.3 holds powerful hardware under the hood – 4600mAh battery for long-lasting usage.

G Pad is equipped with a 1920×1200 Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array display. This means great image quality with the resolution higher than many of standard Full HD displays. 1080p resolution in a 8.3-inch form makes it slim and attractive.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor with 1.7Ghz Quad-Core CPU offers powerful performance and enhanced viewing experience. Full HD content will please the eye without any restrictions. The images and text look crisp and clear. The display is balanced in replication of color, so it is great for watching videos. There is no over-saturation. However, in the outdoors you will have to pump up the brightness bar to see the screen. Snapdragon 600 it is a trade-off made for the sake of longer battery life and less overheating.


The software is typical for Android 4.2.2 devices with some LG tweaks. G Pad 8.3 offers great connectivity with other devices. For example, it sports a QPair app which will display every call received on your smartphone and offer simple respond options, like text messaging through it. Smartphones and tablets running Jelly Bean OS can get connected to G Pad with QPair, too. The application is easy to set up, but the TOS clearly state that all your typed communications will be recorded.

The lock screen is somewhat clumsy because it makes you tap really hard to put the tablet to sleep or wake it up. This feature is unlikely to remain when users will start to customize the device because it works on occasions, leaving you aggravated on other occasions when you cannot immediately find the right spot to hit to wake it up.

The Looks

The device looks aesthetically gorgeous; the body is solidly built with plastic parts blending beautifully with glass and the metal strip on the back. The speakers, remarkable, are placed in this back metal strip in a position that is unlikely to get tapped by your hands.

The Sound

G Pad 8.3 offers high quality sound you are unlikely to play in its highest capability when in a quiet environment. However, its powerful speakers perform great in noisy environments.

The Camera

The G Pad 8.3 comes outfitted with a 1.2 megapixel front camera and a 5- megapixel back camera without a flash. This is neither impressive nor bad. Savvy users will find options to adjust focus, brightness, ISO, effects and white balance. The downside is LG won’t allow tap-to-capture, so you have to push the onscreen soft key to take a shot. With a 8.3-inch tablet, this is not very convenient. You can use the volume keys as a shutter key and to zoom in and out. Image quality is not fantastic, but acceptable, with a slight fuzziness in the background. However, video results turn out to be of better quality than fixed shots, with the noticeable reduction in the background noises.

When will LG roll out the KitKat update?

The G Pad 8.3 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and the big question is when will LG allow the update? Considering history, this may as well never happen.

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Battery Life

In a moderate load mode with several apps running in the background, like push email, synchronization for Twitter and WiFi and GPS enables, playing a half-brightness video gives G Pad 8.3 an approximate 7:19+ hours of running. It is not bad considering its rivals have similar results, with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 at 7:18 and Nexus 7 with 7:15. Overall, battery longevity is rather nice and should be good enough for a moderate user.


For $350, G Pad 8.3 is not the most robust tablet on the market. New Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX both 7-inch come cheaper at $230 and boast of 1.920×1.200 displays and 16GB of in-built storage. Amazon’s tablet sports Snapdragon 800 SoC, which makes a big difference with Snaprdragon 600 in G Pad 8.3. Considering the price-quality ratio, Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch is the perfect choice for a quality, budget tablet. If you consider Apple, 7.9-inch iPad mini comes at $299 with a 1.024×768 display and runs Apple’s dual-core A5 chip.


G Pad 8.3-inch tablet is a solid Android alternative to the rivals; its excellent battery performance, full HD display and great quality speakers, as well as overall great hi-tech looks of the device, make it a good option for those who consider a new tablet. It is not the cheapest kid on the block, though, with Amazon Kindle HDX 7-inch costs more than $100 less. If LG lowered the price just to meet that line, it would have been a perfect boost to the sales. In the end, LG G Pad 8.3 is a solidly built tablet with good characteristics and excellent looks.