Fleksy for iOS updated with new extensions, themes and more


Fleksy Chameleon iOS

Fleksy for iOS has just received another update almost a month after the Valentine’s Day release which saw some major changes arriving on the popular and fast keyboard. Version 5.3 follows the same pattern as other updates for the virtual keyboard so adjust your expectations accordingly.

First of all we have the Tips extension which, once enabled, will show the user hints about Fleksy features throughout the app. This is aimed at new users but veterans might also discover hidden little tricks that they had previously neglected. The other new extension is Color Pops and will allow you to customize the color of your “key pops” (keyboard presses) or remove them all together via the transparency slider. As for new themes there are two St. Patrick’s Day ones (Shamrock and Rainbow Mist) as well as a far more interesting Chameleon theme that changes color depending on the app you are using.

Fleksy Rainbow Extension

If extensions and themes are not your thing then you might also want to check out the new features found in the update. There is now a setting to toggle suggestions on and off and the auto-correct toggle has been replaced by the Magic Button. This can be configured via the Settings option so do not forget to go there immediately after updating. In other news the emoji keyboard has been slightly adjusted and the “.” button has been removed from Twitter’s keyboard to increase spacebar size so users will have to long press the “@” button for punctuation options.

Note that the developers are urging users to update to the latest version of iOS 8 in case they are having trouble with their keyboards as Apple has issued a fix for that. If everything is fine you can find Fleksy for its regular price of $0.99 in iTunes today.