Facebook Workplace now available for all companies



Facebook Workplace has been used exclusively inside the company for years, allowing coworkers to communicate simple and efficiently. Facebook is now making Workplace available to any company…..that has the means to pay for it, of course.

Before we take a look at what the app has to offer, be aware it can get costly for numerous employees (you can see pricing details here). However, if a company has hundreds or thousands of employees, it also means it’s successful, thus can afford to pay for this app.

So while it might seem like Facebook Workplace is expensive, the truth is, the app has transparent pricing and the monthly bill is based on the number of active users from the previous month which is as fair as it can get. Furthermore, the app is free for non-profits and educational institutions.

You might have already heard about Facebook Workplace as it was previously known as Facebook at Work. So far, there are over 1,000 organizations using it and offers both text and video calling capabilities.

The app has some of the essential Facebook features included such as the News Feed, Groups, Reactions, Trending posts, Search and Live.

However, you will also find Workplace-exclusive features such as various integrations, a dashboard with analytics and identity providers. An interesting capability is the support for multi-company groups – this feature allows employees from different organizations to work together, as a secure solution to collaborate outside your company. This feature is not available at the moment but is scheduled to become available for all users in the coming weeks.

With transparent pricing, robust security, unlimited file storage and Facebook’s most important features, the Facebook Workplace app seems like a great choice for practically any company.

Are you a business owner or an employee using Workplace? What do you think about the app?

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