Dropbox now allows you to open links inside the app


Dropbox Shared Links

A new update is currently rolling out for the Android and iOS Dropbox apps and it includes the ability to open shared links inside the app itself, a feature that was very noticeably missing from the mobile platforms so far.

Previously, tapping on a shared link in the Dropbox app would open your mobile web browser and take you to the mobile version of Dropbox’s site where you could do your thing. Now, tapping on a link will give you the option to preview the files without ever leaving the app. As you can see, this makes much more sense and one has to wonder why Dropbox had not included it before, especially since the company has been making several updates aimed at keeping people within the app.

But I should not be complaining. Dropbox has responded and the feature is rolling out across all regions. I already see the update but your mileage may vary so be patient. And for Android users out there, this might mean that another update that will allow you to edit Office documents on the spot is getting closer. For now, check out the Dropbox app on iTunes and Google Play now.