How to: Disable in-app Purchases on iOS and Android



We’ve all seen them, the enticing pop-up that appears after you fail a mission or die in a game, letting us know that for just $1.99, we can revive right where we left off with full HP! Even the best of us have tapped OK from time to time, even against our better judgement, but fortunately we can eliminate that risk of wasting a couple bucks on a regular basis. Another scenario, maybe your child or younger sibling uses your device to play games, they could be making in-app purchases without you even knowing, until the bill comes. Disabling in-app purchases is quick and easy, and can be done on iOS, as well as restricted against unauthorized purchases on Android, so let’s get started.

Disabling In-App Purchases on iOS

First, head to your home screen, find the “Settings” app and tap it, on the left-hand menu find “General” and tap that. Scroll down a bit, and on the fourth-menu from the bottom you should see a “Restrictions” menu, go ahead and tap it. On the screen that appears, you’ll see a lot of grayed out options, you’ll need to tap on “Enable Restrictions” before these become available, so do that — you’ll be asked to set a Restrictions Passcode before you can do anything else.

* Make sure you don’t use the same code that you have set for your lock screen, it will work, but if you share that code with anyone else they’ll know this code as well, and be able to make in-app purchases on your account. This is more important for anyone worried about people making unauthorized purchases.


Now, once you’ve set the secret code, you can just find the “In-App Purchases” setting under the “Allow” menu, slide it to the other side to disable. You can go ahead and return to the home screen, or mess around with these settings a bit more, but as long as you keep that setting disabled you won’t have the option to purchase anything from inside an app.

Disabling In-App Purchases on Android

Unfortunately you can’t completely disable in-app purchases on Android, but you can set up a passcode that must be entered in order to make the purchase. This works great for avoiding unauthorized purchases, but doesn’t really help if you want to keep yourself from making these purchases. Regardless, it’s a really nice layer of security, and if you ever happen to lose your phone or tablet it will prevent whoever finds it from spending tons of your cash.

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To do this, head to the Google Play Store, then tap the menu button on your device, and tap “Settings” from the options that appear. Scroll down to the “User Controls” sub-menu, you should see a “Password” option, go ahead and tap on that. You will be prompted to sign-in to your Google ID, just type in your password and log-in. After that, you’re free to exit the menu, and you’ll be prompted to enter your Google ID password on any in-app purchases attempted on your device.

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