Developers Start Receiving Access To Windows Phone 8.1


As the Build developer conference in April, when Microsoft is set to reveal Windows Phone 8.1, is getting near, the Redmond company started to make its software development kit available to an increasing number of developers.

Microsoft officially acknowledged Windows Phone 8.1 only during an interview with The Verge and got criticized in the past for not sharing its SDK with devs. While they took their time, at least now developers are finally starting to receive the support and information they need to develop Windows Phone apps compatible with the future update.

On February 28th, Microsoft is planning to share lots of details about Windows Phone 8.1 with close partners, during a confidential event, titled “meet the new Windows Phone”. Before this closed meeting, Microsoft will also hold a press conference at Mobile World Congress, on February 23rd. Unofficial sources, told The Verge, that during this event the company  will focus on discussing Windows Phone’s evolution and new strategies for growing Windows Phone market share in 2014.