Death Troopers Invade Star Wars Commander



Star Wars Commander is bringing back the dead in their newest campaign “Death Troopers”

 The mobile strategy game Star Wars Commander has officially started a limited time campaign that will involve investigating outposts that have been over-run by death troopers. If you’re not aware of the slowly growing popularity of death troopers in the Star Wars universe, just think of them as Zombie-Storm Troopers.

The new campaign will unlock 26 new challenging missions, which each become more difficult than the last. So if you’re a new player don’t except to tear through the campaign during one event, unless you spend a insane amount of money to skip to the end of the game. As far as veteran players, the majority of the campaign should be a breeze until you reach towards the end.


Completing each campaign will award you with a standard amount of credits and resources, but also rewards you with a stack of special points. These points are used to purchase special Campaign rewards like Death Troopers and special vehicles. Unfortunately the points do not unlock the ability to craft this special units whenever you’d like, so you’ll have to purchase them before the event ends, and since you can’t store units for long you’ll most likely have to use them throughout the event as well. However, if you choose to complete the campaign and save all of your points, you can unlock the special vehicle to be used whenever you want.

Here is a list of the following unlockable rewards:


50 Points – 5x Death Troopers
50 Points – 5x Scout Death Troopers
70 Points – 2x Heavy Death Troopers
10 Points for a limited Demo, 500 Points for a single use, and a whopping 6000 Points for a unlock -The Rebel Starship Strike – HWK & Empire Starship Strike – VT–49 Decimator

The Event will run until November 3rd and the campaign store will be open for a few additional days to make purchases with your earned points. If you don’t manage to complete the campaign or earn enough points to make the purchases that you want, I wouldn’t get too upset about it, this is most likely just one of many more events for the Death Troopers.

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