Dead Trigger 2 Receives Major Update



The most popular zombie shooter on the mobile market – Dead Trigger 2, recently launched a massive update that many players will find very satisfying after a disappointingly short campaign. Madfinger Games had been teasing players about a massive new update, and this is definitely the one they were talking about. China being added to the locations alongside USA and Africa is the biggest and most noteworthy update.


In all, the update brings forth three brand new regions, 15 different environments, over 150 different missions, and 30 new weapons.  All of that is literally over twice as much content as was previously available in the game. One thing the game had been missing that a lot of players had suggested with feedback, is that Madfinger bring back melee weapons – and they came through with this updated adding six brand new melee weapons. On the list of zombie skull bashing material is the “Big Hammer”, a Machete, the “Brain Mill”, and more.

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Just in Time for Christmas


Besides new missions, weapons, and other things to do in the Dead Trigger 2 update, you’ll also notice some free stuff in honor of the Holidays. If you tap the newly found Christmas tree in your hideout, you’ll be able to open up some presents from under the tree – this will provide you with some pretty useful items, as well as in-game currency. A nice gesture from the developers, perhaps as an apology for how short the game was prior to this update.

If you read my review of this game, you’ll want to take into account the fact that was before this update. Since this literally doubled the size of game content, and my review primarily docked points on replay value, it’s likely I’d give it an even higher rating – even though it has a great score already. Personally, I felt like the game was getting very stale, and this was a very timely update that will definitely revise my interest in killing some zombies on my iPad.

Another key feature that was implemented was the chat system, which allows players to finally communicate with each other within the game. Unfortunately, you still can’t do any sort of co-op missions, but this chat system could open the door to that for future updates. Regardless of where they go with that, the new chat system along with the addition of China will be plenty of content to enjoy in the meantime.


Ideas for Future Updates

As I stated in my original review of Dead Trigger 2, I’d really  like to see them implement some sort of game mode similar to the arena in the original Dead Trigger game. This game mode was similar to Call of Duty Zombies, it was a lot of fun, and most importantly gave players motivation to unlock new weapons so they could get higher scores in the arena.

The city battles are fun and all, but they often get really repetitive as you play the same missions over and over again with minimal rewards. If Madfinger was able to add a little more incentive to participating in the city captures, that would be great. As of right now, you get some bonus rewards for reaching a certain number of kills before the city is captured – this is OK, but nothing too exciting.

It’s pretty obvious they’ll continue the trend of adding more countries for players to travel to and kill zombies in, the question is: where will Madfinger bring us after we’ve cleared out the Zombies in China?