Dating app Bumble introduces photo messaging

Bumble Photosharing

Lady-powered dating app Bumble  has just introduced a very bold new feature by allowing its users to send direct photo messages to one another, an incredibly rare thing for mobile dating apps. As you can imagine, there are plenty of good reasons not to let users send photos to each other, especially if you know how a lot of the conversations in dating apps go.

To tackle that, the new feature comes with several restrictions that aim to crush the spirit of anyone thinking of sending lewd and inappropriate pictures to other people in the service. When a user sends a picture, their name and photo is automatically attached. In case you do not know, Bumble requires you to sign up with your Facebook and if you want to send photos, a minimum amount of friends is required. I guess someone could go through all the trouble of creating a decent fake account as humans will always find a way but the report features and negative feedback would find them out quickly enough.

Bumble Share Photos

On the other end, the user can only see the photo by tapping and holding down the screen. That is also when the sender’s face and name clearly appear. And yes, this is a lot like a combination of Tinder and Snapchat although the main difference here is that only women can actually start a conversation which is the whole idea behind the app anyway.

A pretty cool feature and one that I hope will not end in disaster. I know conversations about dating apps might be a taboo subject for you but would you use photo messages in such an app? Let us know in the comments!