Cut The Rope 2 Available On iOS



Cut The Rope 2 returns with addictive, puzzle-solving, rope cutting fun

When I first played Cut the Rope, I thought to myself, “Why do so many people like this game?” after realizing how long I spent cutting rope after after rope, I realized why. The wildly popular franchise started back in 2010 and won a Apple Design Award in 2011, a few other entries to the series have been released prior to Cut The Rope 2, like Cut The Rope: Time Travel and Cut The Rope: Experiments.

Cut The Rope 2 follows a similar theme set by the prior entries, though a new cast of characters and gameplay elements have been added. The main objective of the game remains, get candy into the mouth of Om, the candy-loving creature. The game offers slow-paced tutorial levels to start you off, making it easy for newcomers to start with the new entry. However, I noticed after the second chapter the game really starts to ramp up in difficulty.

The full game is unlocked by purchasing it from the App Store, though there are in-app purchases, with mostly special power-ups, retries, and cosmetic changes. I feel like these in-app purchases are why the difficulty ramps up so quickly, many players may get frustrated with some puzzles and just use in-app purchases to get passed them. There are also four-leaf clovers that you can collect in order to unlock secret levels, most of the clovers aren’t possible without using special power-ups, which leads to more in-app purchasing.

Cut The Rope 2 requires iOS 4.3 or later, and is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store for $0.99.